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City Catering Company was opened in 2010 on the base of Sun City chain consisting of:

- Sun City Café (96a Artema Str.)

- Sun City Café (20b Pushkin blvd.)

- Sun City Café (51a Panfilov ave.)

- Sun City Café (27/45 Donetskaya Str., Makeevka City)

- Majorelle Coffe House (19 Vatutina ave.)

- Malinovka Restaurant Complex (1 Lutugina Str.)

Availability of several cousines, large staff of cooks, officiants, wide technical and production base afford an opportunity to conduct events of practically any scale.

We have a big car parking

Considering the many-sided orientation of cuisines, City Catering Company can take account of any preferences relative to the customer tastes

(European, Japanese, Fusion, Uzbek, Oriental cousines).

Moreover, City Catering Company has a large basis of the necessary components for conduct of events:

- Furniture (tables-transformers, chairs)

- Restaurant serving items (tableclothes, napkins, tableware, etc.)

- Set of exhibition equipment (buffet display risers, multilevel pyramids, mirror tables, etc.)

- Set of thermoboxes (necessary for delivery of products to the place of event conduct without loss of temperature and quality of dishes)

City Catering Company can also render assistance in organization of event program

(show program, host, lease of the necessary sound and light equipment, stage, search of the ground for conduct, logistic and planning of event)


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