17.12.2012 FoodCourt Sun City opening!

17.12.2012 FoodCourt Sun City opening!

 Family recreational complex “Funtura”, located in trading and entertainment center “Donetsk City” (Artema Street 130, 4th floor), was opened in December 17, 2011.

This complex includes large skating-rink, amusements, slides, marry-go-round and great number of other entertainments for children of any age.


Sun City company, in its turn, was opened in “Funtura” in unusual format - FoodCourt.

FoodCourt is a feed zone in trading center, airport or, in some cases, separate building, where simultaneously several feed companies provide their services to visitors. In some schools foodcourts may supplement or replace traditional cafes.

The principle of foodcourts’ work is that visitor adds food and beverages with one of feed companies, located in the premise, and brings it to general hall on his own.
Some feed companies may provide services of waiters.
The option of offered cooking is different. In large foodcourts you may find absolutely different feed companies from large network to small sellers, offering national or traditional cooking.

Many foodcourts have several departments, selling dishes at home. The existence of foodcourts is conditioned by economy and the ability of buyer to choose different food while visiting one and the same place.

This fact ensures large number of regular customers.