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Oriental Coffe House "Majorelle" opened its doors on April 8, 2005.

The name "Majorelle" itself represents the garden in Marocco of the same name,

which was found by the French painter. Nowadays it belongs to Yves Saint Laurent.

The items of Oriental culture, which were the works of authorship brought from the Orient,

were used in the process of a coffe house creating.

"Majorelle" is not only the fine sorts of coffee and tea, oriental sweets and deserts,

but also the various dishes of the Oriental cousine. And, of course, His Majesty Hookah.

The variety of tobaccos, cocktails in its basis, and also the elite-hookahs made form the natural fruits.

Special limited time offers and chef's new offers of the Coffee House "Majorelle" won't leave even the most fastidious guest unfazed.

"Majorelle" is a full palette of the Oriental hospitality!

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